Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pioneers Head Coach Leszek Wrona Resigns

Faced with a team in need of wins to earn a playoff spot in the USL Premier Development League, Leszek Wrona announced Tuesday he was resigning as the team's head coach.

The Pioneers currently sits in fifth place in the Eastern Conference - Northeast Division with a 3-5-2 record and 11 points.

Wrona has held his position since the franchise's formation, leading them to the USL D-3 Pro League National Championship (now called USL PDL) in 1999 in their second season.

The team became part of the USL Second Division and was their regular season champion in 2005, earning them the right to host the National Championship game.

After years in USL-2, the Pioneers chose to relegate themselves to the PDL.

The Pioneers announced the entire assistant coaching staff will serve as interin head coaches for the rest of the season.

Western Mass hosts the Long Island Rough Riders Saturday at Lusitano Stadium.

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